How to make them newsworthy.

I recently watched my peers video stories! So many of them were so interesting to me and amazingly produced.  There are a lot of things in my opinion that make a great video story.

A lot of my peers used music in their video stories. My friend Angela used the song “Castle on the Hill,” by Ed Sheeran. I loved that she used music because it helped keep me interested in the video. My only critique was I would have used an instrumental version because it pulled away from what she was saying. Besides that however I have no critiques. Another student, Josh, did not really have music in his, and I felt as though it made it dull. Music will make video’s more upbeat and interesting, so in my opinion music is very important to keep someone interested. However it just has to be the right kind of music.


Another thing I feel as though is very important is having people involved. I loved how Rose interviewed a lot of different people in her video story. Not simply just girls or just boys, but both and people of all ages. Rose talked about why people should go Greek, and I think her video was very persuasive and thought out. I really enjoyed hearing everyones opinion and seeing how close knit the Greek Community is.


All in all- I feel as though to have a successful video story you have to keep people interested. Try to pick a topic in which everyone can relate to, which I felt like a lot of my classmates did. I think its important to make it on something people care about because then they will pay attention to it, and I think that the little things, like music, are actually very important!


What is a “Good” Blog?

What makes a blog special and unique?

People may have different ideas on what would make a blog interesting. Some things however, I feel all blogs must entail.  I  think there should be a focus in your blog. Despite the fact that many different things might be interesting to you, there does need to be a focus. For instance if you’re creating a cooking blog, you don’t want there to be something about sports. However there are ways to incorporate different ideas, without straying from your focus. Going back to the cooking example, if you wanted something involving sports, you could do a blog entry called, “Super Easy Super Bowl Treats To Make,” this would involve the concept of sports but still have a focus on food.

The next thing I find to be important is, being passionate on what you are writing about. If you write about something that you do not actually care about it will show. A blog is something that kind of portrays you. For instance, I would not have a history blog, because that is not something I am passionate about. However, I would do something involving my sorority, because it takes up a lot of my time, and I am passionate about the organization I am apart of.

I also think having pictures is important to having a blog. Pictures help the reader understand what is going on, and also make your blog seem more interesting.

Unique Content, is also very important, if you blog is like every one else people will loose interest in it. No one wants to read the same thing over and over again, so being unique in your posts is very important.

The last thing, I believe is important, and often under looked, is having a professional structure to your blog.  You want your blog to have flow to it, not just be a bunch of random things strung together. If your blog has structure, it will not only be easier to read, but also look better!!

Introducing Me…


My name is Léa Berlioz. I am a sophomore at SUNY Cortland. I am apart of a sorority on campus called Delta Phi Epsilon, and I am a communications major. I am from Westchester, New York. Some people think that Westchester is upstate, but they are totally wrong, in my opinion. I live in a town called Mamaroneck. It’s a small town. I went to Rye Neck High School, which was a great experience for me. I am french, and american…meaning I have dual citizenship, and I am bilingual. This is a big part of who I am.

I am very excited to make a blog for this class, I want to make it be about things that are not only interesting to me but others as well. I am very interested in music and entertainment, so I might do a focus on things like that. Another idea I had was doing something involving my sorority, I could focus on events that we have coming up, and explain the importance they have. We have formal rush week right around the corner, so I could do a piece on that.

Delta Phi Epsilon is a big part of my college experience, being apart of the sorority takes up a lot of my time, so I think it could be cool to have a focus on that for my blog. It could also be interesting to others who are interested in rushing or being a part of an organization.